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“Before Unacast, we weren’t able to benefit from our existing location data by understanding where customers were located or the places they visited. Unacast's data filled critical gaps around the physical world in our consumer research panels.”
- Dr. Hannu Verkasalo, Founder, Verto Analytics

The Client: Verto Analytics

Industry: Research  
Locations: USA and Finland

Verto Analytics is a leading behavioral data analytics firm working with some of the world’s top companies in the digital marketing space. It offers consumer-centric measurement solutions to monitor the complex behavior of modern-day consumers, providing clients with actionable insights into its customers’ buyer journeys. Verto’s clients use these insights to inform various aspects of their business strategies, including their competitive intelligence, marketing efforts, product development, and media buying.


Verto Analytics, through its partnership with Unacast, has:

  • Augmented its panels to offer a wider scope of insights around both online and offline consumer behavior
  • Developed new insights by overlaying Unacast’s location data with Verto’s own first-party location measurement data sets
  • Offered new analytical resources around consumer journey studies to its clients, starting with companies in the media industry, ad/internet platforms, and major CPG brands


Verto Analytics, which serves major players in the digital space, primarily studied cross-device digital usage and app/online use. The company wanted to enhance its offering by incorporating location data with the goal of helping media platforms and advertisers better understand what influences buyers the most. Verto also wanted to make it easy for its clients to study conversions and buyer journey touchpoints, for the first time, in both the physical offline and online worlds.

“Verto Analytics started as a company offering analytics on online behaviors, that is, what people are doing with their devices. Now, we’re trying to solve for problems like how different devices and touchpoints influence consumer buying behaviors.”
- Hannu Verkasalo

The Challenge

Verto’s initial offerings provided companies broad insights into how their platforms were used and how that use had changed.

However, changes in the online space—and a desire to add even more value to their data—motivated Verto to incorporate location data in the mix and initiate what the industry calls “consumer journey studies.” While Verto knew it wanted location data, it realized the need to acquire data that was sensible, usable, and would fit seamlessly within its own database.  

“We wanted to build an authoritative panel to quantify how a single consumer used various touchpoints.”
- Hannu Verkasalo

The Solution

Verto wanted a partner that could provide easy-to-use location data that saved them time in analyzing and providing their clients with insights. Their ideal partner's data would also let them study both online and offline behaviors in consumer shopper journeys.

“The aim is to improve products, decision making, and media spending by understanding all of the data. That’s precisely where the location data comes into play. It's critically important to understand where people are using different devices, and how their behavior differs in the online and offline worlds.”
- Hannu Verkasalo

Unacast spoke with Verkasalo about Verto's process of selecting a location data partner. “Of course, the quality of Unacast's location data was a deciding factor," said Verkasalo. "When we did our customer tests, Unacast’s data just made sense. For example, when we looked at the incidence of people visiting restaurants, Unacast’s data offered better insights than the other providers we evaluated.”

Like other Unacast clients, the Verto team also loved the fact that Unacast’s raw data allowed the company to manipulate the information to suit its platform.

“What scored highly for Unacast was the fact that we can effortlessly sift through the raw data. We didn’t have to write any new software or make any changes to our raw data collection process. Unacast's data simply aligned with our process.”
- Hannu Verkasalo

The Results

The melding of Unacast and Verto data resulted in better consumer insights and market intelligence for online consumer behaviors.

One example of a use case that arose from adapting Unacast Turbine location data is that Verto now works with a major ad platform in the U.S. that wanted to determine how consumers' behavior on its online platform dictated their decision-making process when purchasing a car.

“We used Unacast location data to understand people that went to car dealerships—the target audience, the conversion points, etc. We then paired it with Verto’s own online data to see what people did beforehand. For example, were they active on a social media platform or a car site? Now we can provide that insight.”
- Hannu Verkasalo

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