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Tor Åge Ballo - Director of Software Engineering

Tell us about your background and how you ended up at Unacast.

I grew up in the northern part of Norway and received my computer engineering degree at the University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. I then spent many years at the Norwegian Tax Authority working in various projects, rewriting all their systems to a more modernized platform. When I felt that almost every Norwegian tax system had some of my commits, I started at Unacast. Unacast was, to me, the exact opposite of the Norwegian Tax Office. Coming from something humongously big with a lot of processes, bureaucracy, and a very fixed way of working, something much smaller was what I wanted to do next.

What are the things about your work that interest you most?

The fact that we don’t exactly know what our future looks like really lights a spark in me. We are going from ideas to products/MVPs at the speed of light to try to verify what direction we want to take. We are creating a few systems/products, and it’s unclear if some of these will be a big part of our future or tossed away in a few weeks. In this process you really feel that you are a part of creating your own workplace. 

Tell us about a project you are especially proud of!

A few weeks into COVID-19, we were the first to create a social distancing scoreboard in the U.S. By leveraging the cloud environment we work in, we managed to build a solution that could handle 1 million daily users from day one, which was built in just a few days. This product really continues to help a lot of public and private services in navigating through the tough times with COVID-19. 

Talk about the team and the culture -- what’s different about Unacast?

For me, what is really unique is the freedom we have to pick the right tools for the job. We also have a really strong team of software engineers, data scientists, business analysts, and product managers working towards the same goal. Also the value ‘be your own CEO’ really says a lot about Unacast.

What do you do in your spare time? 

I love playing and recording music. I’m a guitar player but I also sing, program, and record music. I also snowboard, work out, play soccer, or any other game where you chase a ball. Apart from that I also coach both my kids’s soccer teams.

What is your favorite tech at the moment? 

I really like creating systems in the cloud. It’s a bit like lego where you piece together a system that can be very robust and cost effective. I like the idea of only paying for the computing you’re actually using. I’m pretty happy with a system we just recently built using Cloud Tasks, Cloud Functions and App Engine and BigQuery to carry out processes as they happen.  

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